From: Your Kids <worriedkids@home>
To: Parents Everywhere <busyparents@home>
Subject: Help Please!

Hi Grown Ups,

Sorry for the email. We’ve been trying to get hold of you for a while but you’ve been doing something really important on your phone.

Life has never been more confusing and scary for us kids and we need you grown-ups now more than ever, especially as we can't even see our friends now thanks to a deadly virus.

We’re not asking for much. We just want you to slow down, play games with us, make believe with us, protect us from the bad guys and make sure we’re ready to take on the world.

We know it feels hard for you to look after us in these times. But guess what, we found some people that can really help us: Earthlings are a bunch of good people on a mission to help us kids be more mentally healthy and emotionally confident.

Anyway, we know you’re busy so we’ll let you get back to it.


Your Kids x

What is Earthlings?

Earthlings is a service developed by parents and kids as well as experts in child psychology. Each week Earthlings posts ideas for non-screen based activities – including everything from baking and make believe to gratitude and mindfulness – to help you and your family come together, play together and take on the world together.

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